Words: Brennan Lagasse

While many skiers hung it up as early as last month, backcountry centers like 14,170-foot Mount Shasta really come together in May. The mountain itself holds top-notch ski descents on all aspects and the corn skiing is so good it actually makes you forget how much you miss skiing powder. Don't get me wrong--I love powder as much as you. But the type of corn Shasta serves up when it's on is indisputable.

The lower elevation corn is such a draw for those looking to save their lackluster season that no one is really checking out the high elevation north aspects. Up there, a special blend of snow is turning days skiing the best corn on planet earth into something completely otherworldly: perfect porn. Not quite powder, not quite corn, it's smooth, buttery and fully the best of both worlds wrapped into one sublime panel of snow.

It's really that good, and while this porn-corn perfection does come into play every year in the Shasta area it's sometimes difficult to know exactly when conditions are at their peak. Make no mistake that the time for a stellar winter run on a north aspect and a pristine shot on a south aspect is now. If you're one of those Californians whose season never really got started, a Colorado transplant wondering why your first season out West was so underwhelming, or you just want to experience what it's like to ski a completely perfect snow surface for thousands and thousands of vertical feet that dare I say isn't blower, there's really only one place to go right now.