"Snowing hard in North Berwick. Started around 10:30ish. Headed to The Loaf Thursday night. Seeking first chair and last call on Friday. #fclc."
—Ski It, Sugarloaf Today

Jamie Walter and crew were up before the sun on a cold Thanksgiving Day. The Sugarloaf Breakfast Club—an unofficial group of powder-hungry, early rising locals—had been anticipating an isolated storm and woke to nine inches of fresh snow. November in Maine usually comes with a high risk of core shots, but this storm fell on a solid base, and temperatures hovered at 15 degrees—turkey dinner would have to wait. "We are always pumped for the first big storm of the season," says Walter. "We're East Coasters. If we're lucky enough to get snow instead of rain, we're happy." On the first run, Sugarloaf ski instructor Matt Tinker, 41, effortlessly dropped down the Hayburner trail, floating turns on the edges of the slope. "Matt sunk into this drift and it just exploded overhead. He was so deep in it," says Walter, who developed some trigger-finger frostbite that day. "To this day, my finger is numb at the tip, but I'd say it was well worth it."

PHOTO: Jamie Walter

This story originally published in the September 2015 issue of POWDER (44.1).