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All Time: Jackson Hole Backcountry, Wyoming

January 9, 2014

This story originally ran in the September 2014 issue of POWDER (43.1)

15 inches

NOAA Forecast: A strong upper level storm system will move into the Northern Rockies and spread snow into Western Wyoming. This will be the beginning of what may become an extended event for the Teton area.

Todd Ligare stood at the top of the Jackson Hole Tram waiting for the mountain to open, corralled alongside a bevy of restless skiers and photographer Greg Von Doersten. "This was the day we'd been waiting for," says Ligare. "Everything came together." With the thermometer reading an ideal 14 degrees, they pushed to an area just outside the resort's southern boundary, one of Ligare's favorite runs because of its long, open vertical. Wind-protected spots had loaded snow into big, dreamy piles. The 32-year-old Ligare wound around trees buried up to their tops, floating from pocket to pocket and face shot to face shot, all the way down. The storm continued to rage, delivering another two feet over the next four days. PHOTO: Greg Von Doersten