Silverton got a ton of snow early season when Utah and most everywhere else were having a really bad start. So some friends and I went down to there to ski and shoot.
It turned out to be a super fun road trip with good skiing and good friends.
Hayden Price and Jordan Seldin are skiing powder from three to four different storms that each dumped a foot or more.
I went to France in early December for the Red Bull Linecatcher event. The event was cancelled, so I extended my trip and went to Chamonix. That was by far the best decision I made all winter, because it snowed and snowed and snowed. And then got sunny. And snowed some more, with powder to the valley bottom. This Ibex was at Brevant on a storm day in the same couloir we skied three times.
I like this shot ‘cause it’s “American” Dave [Rosenbarger] taking a shot of [POWDER Senior Photographer] Christian Pondella. Mont Blanc, the big one, hovers over everything. Right after this shot was taken, Pondella got a shot of “American” Dave that he’s been trying to get for like 10 years, which is cool.
The number of years since it snowed that much in Chamonix varied depended on the local you talked to. But people were freaking out. Stian [Hagan] and Andrea [Binning] skied a run in front of their house [in Chamonix] and they’ve never been able to ski it before. People were able to ski stuff lower down that is rarely “in.”
From left to right: Chris Davenport, Stian Hagan, and Ingrid Backstrom. “This was at one of the Chamonix resorts. We were just contemplating another epic powder day.”
We did one day off the Aiguille [du Midi].  A lot of the stuff off the Aiguille got really wind hammered while I was there. I feel like the Aiguille is something every skier has to do at some point in their life. There’s just something about it, it’s like no other place in the world.
Smiley Creek, Idaho, is where Smith [Optics] does their Prospecting Idaho campaign. It was a four-day trip with Sage [Cattbriga-Alosa], [Mark] Abma, and Michelle Parker. This is one of the frames from a cool time lapse. We did a lot of moonlight skiing on that trip. We ski toured from the yurt up to this epic 2,500-foot pow run under a full moon. It was amazing.
From Idaho, Sage and I went back to Utah. This photo was taken at sunrise at the ‘Bird. We’re at the top of the tram looking back into Mineral Basin.
I went to this place in early March with MSP called Pleasant Camp in Canada across the border from Haines, Alaska. Abma and Cody [Townsend] were there, but it didn’t work at all because there wasn’t any snow. Which was crazy since Alaska was having a record-breaking year.
We didn’t really ski at Pleasant Camp. But we stared at a lot of northern lights before we crossed back over to Alaska and went to Girdwood.

Adam Clark Behind-The-Scenes Photo Gallery: Part One

Shots from Photographer Adam Clark’s 2011-12 winter: part one

Words and photos: Adam Clark

POWDER Senior Photographer Adam Clark skis and speaks softly, but his photos from around the globe leave an impression for their ability to encapsulate the lasting feelings of winter. During the 2011-12 winter, Salt Lake City-based Clark captured several of those I-want-to-be-there images. He told us about his travels and the stories behind each of the photos from Silverton, Chamonix, Idaho, Utah and Northern Canada. This is only a part of AC's winter. Part two launches next Tuesday, with shots from Alaska and Whistler.--John Stifter