About Ryan Creary

Born and raised on Canadas east coast, Ryan moved progressively westward looking for the adventures that have defined his photography for the past decade. Now splitting his time between two mountain towns, Revelstoke, BC, and Canmore, Alberta, he thrives on a varied diet of snow, rock, trail and water. With a love for travel and self propelled adventures, youll usually find him away from lifts and roads, exploring the backcountry and the trail less travelled. Using natural light and a keen eye for unique, moody images Ryan is recognized for his ability to capture the essence of many different mountain sports in challenging environments. Ryan became a contributor to both Bike and Powder magazines in 2002, when his very first photo published for Powder landed as a cover. Ryans photographs have appeared in most of the major outdoor publications in North America and have been used by a wide range of top outdoor companies each year.