About Mark Fisher

Throughout my life I have spent significant time living internationally and throughout the United States. These experiences, as well as the influences of key photographic mentors in high school, laid my foundation and love for photography. After a post-graduate Fulbright fellowship in Germany I left the academic world andset out to fulfill my dream of working full-time in the mountains and behind the lens. After a year long apprenticeship with a commercial photographer in Freiburg, Germany I moved to my current home of Victor, Idaho. Its been 13 years since that experience and I feel very lucky to combine my passions for image makingand the mountains into a successful career.As an athlete myself, Im driven by the sports and activities that I photograph. I have a passion for creating images that capture the human element in the mountain environment. Im driven to tell stories through the "off moments," those moments that help to define an experience but arent necessarily the most obvious. My work has taken me to some of the most remote locations and inhospitable environments in the world.Over the past four years motion has become an important part of the work I do and Ive merged the worlds of still and motion under one roof as Fisher Creative. Working with a team on larger projects has been an extremely rewarding creative process.