Nothing comes close to the beauty captured by Powder’s contributing photographers. These images, and more, were first published in the Shooting Gallery of our February 2018 issue. Subscribe here to get the best photography in skiing sent right to your door.

Sam Favret and Pica Herry. Col de la Verte, Chamonix, France. PHOTO: Jeremy Bernard

Mike Douglas. Shiga Kogen, Japan. PHOTO: Bruno Long

Lee Lyon. Honshu Island, Japan. PHOTO: Txema Trull

Chad Sayers. Purcell Mountains, British Columbia. PHOTO: Mattias Fredriksson

Pep Fujas. Wasatch Mountains, Utah. PHOTO: Sam Watson

Caroline Gleich. Alta, Utah. PHOTO: Lee Cohen

Sammy Carlson. Revelstoke, British Columbia. PHOTO: Darcy Bacha

Michelle Parker. Sierra Nevada, California. PHOTO: Christian Pondella

Red Mountain, British Columbia. PHOTO: Alric Ljunghager