What's missing from this photo is the eastbound Santa Clara Prius graveyard.
Most Chileans spend their winter living at 13,000+ feet.  They're are generally horses in the snow and have no problem setting the boot pack.
Sebastian Reyes getting a taste for north lake backcountry
Making things work.  Clemente De Heeckeren on a tow rope.
De Heeckeren enjoying Sugar Bowl deep storm skiing.
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Chilean Clemente De Heeckeren flew back to Chile shortly after this storm.  It's safe to say the brother of notable South American photographer Juan Luis DeHeeckeren enjoyed his time in California.
It's a fun vibe anywhere you go right now on Donner Pass.
The way it's meant to be at California's last privately owned resort.

Storm Dispatch: Sugar Bowl, California

It is really, really good to see this much snow in North Lake Tahoe. A photo gallery from January's storms by Nic Alegre.

January at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort in California saw 91 inches of snow fall from the sky. For comparison’s sake, Sugar Bowl didn’t receive a single inch in January of last year. Such is the California way, and skiers across the state are trained to get it while the getting is good, which is now. Located on top of Donner Summit, at the nexus where storms pound into the Sierra Nevada crest, Sugar Bowl often sees the highest storm totals in the region. Photographer Nic Alegre knows that fact, and he posted there for a month that saw only a few sunny days. “There is a feeling around Tahoe right now that something is happening—it feels like rebirth,” says Alegre. “Maybe it’s a gift from the snow gods to reignite a once-scorching snow culture. Whatever it is, we are all loving it here at the Lake of the Sky.”