What a whirlwind it's been for the weather watchers and ski lovers in the Lake Tahoe region. On the one hand you want that perfect snow on the other hand who doesn't love an epic weather event called the "Pineapple Express." What began as cold smoke quickly transitioned into a messy mass of pseudo Sierra Cement with a carvable top sheet. Cars were buried and the plows came out in droves. It held for about 24 hours, the sun graced our skin and then went back into hiding. From that moment until the time of writing the weather has been in full effect. The avalanche advisories were on high and most of the resorts were closed for a few days. Besides a rowdy opener on KT-22, low angle pow has been the call as crowns have been huge both in bounds and out. The cement transitioned into full fledged flooding and it is now transitioning back into an epic powder cycle. —Ryan Salm