In Focus: Greg Von Doersten

The pulse of Jackson Hole, Wyoming with a POWDER senior photographer

Greg Von Doersten has been shooting Jackson Hole and the Tetons for over 20 years. He knows the area intimately and continues to find new perspectives and unique ways of creating iconic images in the same terrain year after year. Whether Greg is chasing kayakers for Red Bull on the Inga Rapids, the largest rapids in the world on the Congo River, or on a ski mountaineering story in Antarctica, the work he produces is genuine and tells a story. It stimulates, inspires and has the ability to present a genuine window into the lives and places he documents.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Jackson WY.
Photo Credit: Greg Von Doersten
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort after the 24 inch storm, Jackson WY.
Photo Credit: Greg Von Doersten
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Andrew Whiteford skiing at Jackson Hole, WY.
Photo Credit: Greg Von Doersten
Andrew Whiteford. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Jeff Leger. Jackson Hole backcountry, Wyoming
Jeff Leger. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Lynsey Dyer. Jackson Hole backcountry, Wyoming
Unidentified. Jackson Hole backcountry, Wyoming
Aaron Blunck. Jackson Hole backcountry, Wyoming
Todd Ligare. Jackson Hole backcountry, Wyoming
Nicky Keefer. Jackson Hole backcountry, Wyoming

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