Corbet’s Couloir Gets The Full Spicy Send

The King and Queen of Corbet's elevates a new style to a classic line

Like most people, Caite Zeliff, a 23-year-old skier with an aggressive New Hampshire racing background, has a special relationship with Corbet’s Couloir, Jackson Hole’s signature run. A lot of people stare at the near-vertical precipice forever, trying to summon the courage to drop. Some do, only to bounce and ragdoll in full view of the tram drifting overhead, a delightful hoot to everyone riding inside. Many people tuck tail and ski the other direction, giving some lame excuse like, “Oh, the light’s bad,” or “My boots don’t feel good today,” or simply, “Maybe tomorrow.” But then again, some ski it and make it look easy: hands forward, hard left-footer to a hard right-footer to shoot past the imposing rock walls.

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