Astonishing Ski Images from a Globetrotting Photographer

In focus: the work of Mary McIntyre, POWDER's intrepid contributing photographer

Photographer and writer Mary McIntyre travels the world on bikes, skis, and running shoes. Movement is her catalyst for connection. Since getting her first passport when she was 3 months old, she’s been on the go—in search of people, places, and stories. McIntyre spends her days exploring the Wasatch mountains she calls home, but branches out to the Himalaya, Andes, and many lesser-known ranges in-between to document the diversity of human experience through narrative and imagery.

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Photo Credit: Mary McIntyre
Kasha Rigby, Brody Leven, and Robin Hill begin the long (six day) approach to ski the highest mountain in Uganda.
McIntyre 6622
Photo Credit: Mary McIntyre
Delirious after over 24 hours of travel, Carston Oliver makes the most of a clear morning in the Japanese Alps.
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Photo Credit: Mary McIntyre
My frist trip to Japan, I realized why Eliel Hindert has been going to Japan for 5 years running. This is it.
Every time we go to Canada, locals ask why we would ever leave the Wasatch. The easy answer? Glaciers. Carston Oliver walks above one of the biggest ice caves I’ve seen near Icefall Lodge.
Mckenna Peterson enjoys a fresh dusting of snow during a sail-to-ski trip Iceland’s West Fjords.
Carston Oliver submarines his way downhill on one of those magical, can’t get enough days in Hokkaido.
I love the light in the early part of winter, and the farther north you go, the better it gets. Mali Noyes enjoys an early sunset in Canada’s Selkirk Range during a week up at Snowfall Lodge.
I went to Georgia with Brody Leven to ski a beautiful, previously un-skied couloir dropping off the country’s highest peak. I turned around shortly after taking this photo because I was nervous about the icy conditions on the ski down, but Brody made it up to the Russian border and claimed the first descent!
After a rough start to our trip in Georgia—with evidence of avalanches ripping to the ground on all aspects—a fresh coat of snow and some resort sidecountry laps were a welcome respite. Keree Smith makes the most of her $10 lift ticket.
We skied until it was too dark to see—it was snowing so hard, making each run deeper than the last—we just couldn’t stop. Carston Oliver finally releases the feet after a long day on Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island.

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