This is the second of three installments of the best photos from the 2018 Photo Annual. (Check out the first round here!) Nothing comes close to the beauty captured by Powder’s contributing photographers. Subscribe here to get the best photography in skiing sent right to your door.

Julian Carr. Alta, Utah. PHOTO: Lee Cohen

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand. Engelberg, Switzerland. PHOTO: Oskar Enander

Dave Treadway. Whistler backcountry, British Columbia. PHOTO: Blake Jorgenson

Cody Townsend. Lake Tahoe, Nevada. PHOTO: Ming T. Poon

Johan Jonsson. Engelberg, Switzerland. PHOTO: Oskar Enander

KC Deane. Yosemite, California. PHOTO: Chris Burkard

Sven Kueenle. Haines, Alaska. PHOTO: Pally Learmond/Legs Of Steel