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Jake and Dave Moe founded POWDER in 1972 as an alternative to the other, uptight skiing magazines. "To us, powder skiing means freedom, with an emphasis, not on how you do it, but just on doing it more," they said. That's what we're still trying to do. Powder to the People.

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Skier: Dylan Siggers
Photographer: Alric Ljunghager
Location: Kiroro, Japan

The 2019 Buyer’s Guide
The best skis and boots of 2019, plus a binding transforming the future of skiing.

The 2019 Apparel Guide
The best outerwear for committed skiers, including our top picks for jackets and pants.

The 2019 Accessories Guide:
Helmets. Goggles. You need them. These are our favorites because they fit and they work.

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