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October 2017 (46.2)

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Jake and Dave Moe founded POWDER in 1972 as an alternative to the other, uptight skiing magazines. "To us, powder skiing means freedom, with an emphasis, not on how you do it, but just on doing it more," they said. That's what we're still trying to do. Powder to the People.

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The Culture Issue

A singular Israeli ski community thrives along one of the most militarized borders in the world. Story by John Clary Davies. Photos by Kari Medig.

While Snowshoe Thompson used longboards to run mail back and forth across the Sierra in the mid-1800s, bored miners began using them to race, hitting speeds above 80 mph. The tradition continues with the Annual Revival Series World Championship Longboard Races in Johnsville, California. Story by David Page. Photos by David Reddick.

The 2018 Apparel Guide, featuring the best threads of the year.

The leader of a nonprofit ski area in Montana, Randy Elliott’s life is intertwined with the mountain—and the mountain is tied to him. Story by Emily Stifler Wolfe. Photos by Jason Thompson.

For a handful of dedicated souls, winter weekends in New York are the same as weekends all across North America: made for sliding around on snow. What does it take to be a skier in the Big Apple? Story by Abigail Barronian. Photos by Nate Abbott.

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