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For any young couple on the verge of or debating having a child, parenthood can cause the full palette of emotions. And if you’re a female professional athlete, those feelings amplify significantly.

Yet, during the 2016-17 winter, with a 10-month-old baby in tow, the world’s most iconic female skier, Ingrid Back­strom, and her husband, Jim Delzer, set out to ski the top 25 lift-accessed ski runs in North America. What started off as a simple concept quickly evolved into a true adventure. Backstrom and Delzer and their newborn baby, Betty, and dog Buddy hit the road in their Toyota Sienna minivan, traveling from Tahoe to Revelstoke chasing snow throughout the peak of the season. Between ski action and landscape scenic of the country’s best lift-accessed terrain, subplots unfold—specifically, the ever-changing balance of being a professional athlete and mother and a gender role reversal for her husband as the main caregiver for their daughter. Accompanied by Ingrid’s parents, as well, for a large portion of the trip, a third dynamic develops with a generational role as the new grandparents (and parents) introduce the skiing culture to Betty as they did Ingrid.

Read about Ingrid’s experience in her own words here.

Follow along the Lineage project, including a short film, digital feature, seven-stop tour, and social media series, and learn how to not only parent on the road but to also have fun and ski with your significant other and family while you’re at it.


Digital Feature
A first-person written account of Ingrid Backstrom’s doubts and joys of becoming a mother in the midst of one of the most successful professional ski careers ever

Launched January 10, 2018 | Click HERE to Read

Lineage Short Film

Launched (above video) January 17, 2018, Powder’s Facebook page and here on

The Top 10 Lift-Accessed Ski Runs, according to Ingrid Backstrom

Social media series launched January 22, 2018, on Powder’s Facebook and Instagram.

You can view the write-ups and videos HERE.


Tour Stops
*SHOWS ARE FREE ENTRY TO ALL AGES (save for Bellingham showing, which is ages 21+ only)

  • 1/10/18 World Premiere: Portland, Oregon, evo, 6pm-8pm (show starts at 7pm)
  • 1/11/18: Bend, OR, Deschutes Brewery Public House (1044 NW Bond St.), 6pm-8pm (show starts at 7pm)
  • 1/12/18: Seattle, WA, evo, 6pm-8pm (show starts at 7pm)
  • 1/15/18: Spokane, WA, Perry Street Brewing, 6pm-8pm (show starts at 7pm)
  • 1/16/18: Leavenworth, WA, Icicle Brewing, 6pm-8pm (show starts at 7pm)
  • 1/17/18: Bellingham, WA, Kulshan Brewing, 6pm-8pm (show starts at 7pm), ages 21+ only
  • 1/26/18: Denver, CO, evo, 6pm-8pm (show starts at 7pm)