We can't advise in favor of most ski resort's breakfasts. In a lot of places, if you're looking for questionable hashbrowns and overpriced breakfast sandos you can get them just as easily off the hill, but Mount Baker ski area is a little different. First, it's not that close to anywhere. The closest town is Glacier, 20 slow windy miles down the road. And second, the hefty breakfast burritos at the cafeteria-style White Salmon Lodge are the best, most delicious deal in Whatcom County.

They can be a bit random—contents may vary, and sometimes you don't know if you're getting bacon or sausage—but that's the beauty of Baker as a place. It's not canned, glossy, or uniformed, and the breakfast, regardless of the meat of the day, reflect that. No pretenses or unnecessary upgrades. Just goodness for under $10. Pet the cat, sit down Buy a cookie to stick in your pocket for the walk out the Shuksan Arm and call it a morning.

PHOTO: Grant Gunderson