PHOTO: Casey Day

Here's a fact. Between the hours of basically anytime and anytime, traffic on Colorado's main ski corridor, I-70, sucks. It does. Too many people live there (Denver's population is supposed to grow from four to six million by 2040), the roads are un-expandable, and, even if they were, Colorado's DOT doesn't have the reported $5 billion it would take to make a difference. But, as Hillary Clinton always says, "patience is bitter but the fruit is sweet."

It's bad and it's only going to get worse. But you live in Denver, and it dumped in Summit County, what's a girl to do? Here are your options:

1. Don't do it. Head for the flats of Kansas, Move to Leadville. Embrace skate skiing.

2. Embrace new road snacks. Get very excited about said road snacks. If you need to eat your feelings(the sad ones you get from traffic) The kolaches—meat-stuffed Czech pastries at the Idaho Springs gas station, right off the exit, are bomb.

3. Learn a new hobby. Car rides are a great time to polish your skills with a ukulele, OOLA (look it up), or chainsaw art. Also, podcasts we recommend: POWDER Radio.

4. Carpool karaoke, but, like, with the neighboring cars. Make gridlock great again.

5. Learn to love Loveland. Or A-Basin. Get off the dang road as quickly as you can.

6. We're not gonna say edibles… But if you're not the driver…