Warren Miller Entertainment Suspends Suit Against Level 1

BOULDER, CO (October 4, 2009) –On September 21, 2009 Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) filed legal proceedings against Level 1 Productions (Level 1) for the use of WME's registered "Warren Miller" trademarks to promote Level 1's latest film.  On September 25, Mr. Warren Miller filed a request with the Court to join the case.  Warren's filing made it clear that he misunderstands the earlier agreements with WME and the respective rights each party now holds.  In regards to Warren's claims, which raise broader issues than those described in the initial legal action against Level 1, WME has moved to put the Level 1 case on hold while it arbitrates or resolves the difference of opinion with its namesake and company founder, Warren Miller.

"Regardless of the current disagreement between WME and Warren, his legacy and accomplishments as a ski film pioneer can never be diminished or taken away.  We continue to respect Warren for his contributions in advancing the sport and the ski film industry, and for providing the very passion and enthusiasm on which this company is based.  We strive to capture that passion for ski and film in every project we touch," said Max Bervy, managing director of WME films and 20-year company veteran. "The creative team that produces and distributes the annual 'Warren Miller movie' is a tightly knit family comprised of leaders in their respective skill sets within action sports film making, many of whom have been with WME for more than 20 years.  That the annual film tour continues to grow and be cheered and applauded by hundreds of thousands of skiers and snowboarders each fall is testament to their dedication and their passion for the sport."

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