Sweetgrass’ Valhalla Goes Live on iTunes

DVD, Blu-Ray come with a free subscription to POWDER


For Immediate Release

(Oct. 7, 2013): After two years crafting Valhalla, Sweetgrass Productions announced Monday that they are extremely stoked to bring their latest epic to iTunes. Catch their most creative, wild, soulful, and cinematic offering in brilliant HD for purchase or rental at the click of the button.

If you want a physical copy Valhalla, buy the DVD and Blu Ray and get a free subscription to POWDER Magazine. Orders are shipping now.

Join Sweetgrass on the Valhalla World Tour. Tickets are on sale for shows around the world, 130 locations to be exact. Check out the tour calendar for information on where to buy tickets. Don’t see a show in your area? Contact Sweetgrass at z.ramras@gmail.com.

About Sweetgrass:
We are a collection of filmmakers, adventurers, dreamers– artists. From lonely nights at 20,000 feet to backyard barbecues, we seek to capture the indescribable, the surreal, and the moments in between that send the electricity right up our spines and into our smiles. We can't deny the draw of cinematography, the thrill of a challenge, and the beauty of caressing light and shadow into the moving picture. We hope that on the wings of our films, babies are born and dictators are overthrown, laughter is heard, tears are shed, and smiles are shared in the dusty beds of backroad pickups. That through the strange alchemy of aesthetic, story, and stoke, our films inspire people to explore the mystery of their own canvas.