VIDEO: Tanner Hall is back!
Wait, did he ever really leave? It doesn't freakin' matter, T-Hall just sprayed some serious hot sauce on movie season with the release of the trailer for his upcoming online movie, Here After. We've come to expect dominance in burly Alaska terrain, but Mr. Hall hits the way-back button this time around, hinting at a serious urban section of his new movie, and park action with friends like Harlaut, Spriggs, and Goodnough. The full movie drops online for free this October, but the hype train left the station earlier this week. Yee-haw.

That hitchhiking skier story is actually wild
Remember when we are all a little unconvinced about that skier that disappeared near Lake Placid and ended up in Sacramento in his ski boots six days later? Well, authorities have started to piece the story together and it's nothing short of bizarre.

According to a few Canadian concussion specialists, Danny Filippidis sustained a severe concussion on his last run of the day at Whiteface Mountain. After coming to, he suffered amnesia, flagging down a truck to try and get warm before going in and out of consciousness for days. When he came to, he was in Sacramento. Thankfully, it seems like Filippidis is hanging tough after what can only be described as one very bad last run.

VIDEO: Jessy Desjardins releases 2019 Style Guide
Yes, the Buyer's Guide is in mailboxes, but young gun Jessy Desjardins and friends were busy dropping a guide of their own with one of the stylier edits out of Mammoth Unbound this season. Desjardins, Philippe Gaucher, Philippe Clairoux, and Carlo Mion might not be in your Fave 5, but dangit if they shouldn't be names you remember this season. This is some fun looking skiing (P.S. it's after the skating).

Aspen Skiing Co. to raise minimum wages
Plagued by labor shortages, a little place called Aspen has bumped up its minimum wage in hopes of attracting a fresh crop of seasonal employees for 2018-2019. The resort announced that it will raise minimum wage from $12 to $13.50, a positive jump in a time when mountain town prices are rising exponentially faster than the wages of mountain town employees. Average monthly rent for a one bedroom in town center costs around $2000 according to cost of living calculator, Numbeo.