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The Eighty Six

Stept 86

Stept has been hard at work this summer preparing their 10th annual ski film, The Eighty Six. The new film was directed by Nick Martini and Cam Riley, and has once again far surpassed their previous works. The film is now available for pre-order along with a sample of Stept’s new clothing line. We are not only excited for an early release this season, but also for the extensive apparel line coming this fall. For more info on the new film and the Stept crew visit us at

Stept’s 2012 ski film presents a migration from ski resorts, to cities, and back to the mountains. Everyone in the Stept crew skis, films, and works on the project together, sneaking from location to location, taking the term ‘guerilla filmmaking’ to new levels. Facing obstacles like broken cars, fires, law enforcement, competitions, water parks, parents and Denver Bronco’s Security, they’re able to consistently pick up, leave, and continue filming elsewhere. The Eighty Six.

Pre-Orders Available Now:
DVD Ships: July 30th
Trailer: Coming soon!

Clayton Vila
Sean Jordan
Cam Riley
Charlie Owens
Shea Flynn
Matt Walker
Parker White
Noah Albaladejo
Justin Norman
Many More…

Sponsors: The North Face, Skullcandy, Slopestyle, K2 Skis, Banshee Bungee, Buff, Rocky Mountain Underground, Jiberish, Rockstar Energy, Banshee Bungee and City Prospect.

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