Shred Optics Announces New Lens Technology

NO BS lens technology looks to change the game

For Immediate Release

Shred Optics has been battling the release of ‘quick change’ lens technologies that have been the latest cool thing to do. But in the end, the en vogue technology can turn out to be fragile and expensive alternatives to solid engineering and the use of high quality materials. Shred instituted their own NO BS™ Lens Replacement System with lower friction notches and an updated polyurethane mix that results in seamless integration and exchange between lenses and frames. With NO BS Lens Replacement System, you can swap out lenses in almost no time. Shred believes that most other lens-systems offered out there in the market are absurd, maybe beyond absurd. Some of these replacement lenses cost as much as whole new goggle. Shred goggles with NO BS™ Lens Replacement System is the way to go. Cheaper, better, from the core.