Saving Grace | Max Mancini’s long road back from tragedy


The good dreams are more painful than the bad ones. Because every time Max Mancini dreams something good — like Molly being OK — he is inevitably reminded that, in fact, Molly’s gone. “I wake up and have to relive the whole thing over again,” Mancini says.

Mancini, 27, an accomplished Colorado freeskier, bears a four-inch scar on the right side of his head from the car accident. It also left him with a crushed skull, broken ribs and lingering neurological problems that occasionally cause him to trail off in mid-conversation. But Mancini is coping with these things.

Reconciling his mind is another matter. Because on the afternoon of Sept. 30, 2007, Max Mancini survived when Molly Jackson — then six months pregnant and the love of Mancini’s life — did not. In the two years since that day Mancini has undergone countless hours of therapy, trying to, as he explains it, “relearn who I am.”

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