Rahlves’ Banzai Tour Rolls Toward Kirkwood for Stop No. 2

From Rahlves’ Banzai Tour — After a successful first stop at Alpine Meadows, Calif., Jan. 22-23, the one-of-a-kind series shifts to Kirkwood, Calif., this weekend, Feb. 5-6, for the second event of the season. The grand finale of the Banzai Tour is slated for Sugar Bowl, March 12-13. Some Alpine Meadows Banzai video:

Some 124 skiers and riders competed in Alpine Meadows. Top Banazi’ers follow:
Men’s Ski
1. Marcus Caston
2. Errol Kerr
3. Brian Sheehan
4. Jesse Maddex
Women’s Ski
1. Shannon Rahlves
2. Shelly Robertson
3. Chloe Georges
4. Langely McNeal
Men’s Snowboard
1. Sylvain Duclos
2. Graham Watanabe
3. Matt Clark
4. Jayson Hale
Women’s Snowboard
1. Alison Martin
2. Courtney Baker
3. Amanda Spence