Press Release: Powder is a Magazine (and a substance)

For Immediate Release:

Mt. Town, USA — January 6, 2011 — There’s no cheap knock off for skiing the deep stuff. You can ski groomers all of your life but that one chest-deep day off the beaten path is the one you remember. This press release is a friendly reminder to pick up Powder’s Photo Annual (January 2011) if you haven’t done so already. Inside you’ll find the best ski photography known to man but hurry, as it’s only on newsstands for one more week. Our last issue of volume 39, The Draft (February 2011), will be hitting newsstands shortly. In it, you’ll find the top 20 skiers 18 years of age and under, an altering experience at Mt. Shasta, and advice from a salty Jaded Local. There are absolutely no claims to teach you how to ski powder better in any of the pages of Powder magazine. Please do not be fooled by imitations. There is only one monthly issue of Powder and our readers already know how to ski powder.

Powder Ed. staff