POW Gloves : Press Release : May 27th, 2009


POW Gloves, the Seattle based glove company, has launched a new website for 09-10. The site highlights their complete WINTER product line that the company has built a solid reputation on, but the big change is that it also shows the summer lines for BIKE and GOLF. These 2 new summer lines echo the qualities of their winter product by maintaining a focus on quality, fit and style. "POW gloves are built to last"™

Dustin Goss, POW founder and President says "We all play golf and there just isn't anything on the market right now for the younger crowd…it's all plain and boring. We're just trying to create gloves with more style, something you are stoked to put on."

"We're making bike gloves because biking is something we do, it just makes sense. We aren't stuck in winter because we aren't a snowboard or a ski company…we're a glove company."
-Dan Egan, Design Director

POW has been doing business for seven years, is sold in 32 countries worldwide and is proud to still be a private label, owned and operated by shredders with dogs that party and show up late sometimes.

Check us out at www.powgloves.com <http://www.powgloves.com>