Much anticipated "Revolver" will bring insane video from a rider's point of view

Redondo Beach, CA– March 10 2010 – Award-winning ski producers Poor Boyz Productions and Seattle-based VholdR are pleased to announce a branding and content partnership. The arrangement, in which VholdR provides a number of high-end ContourHD™ helmet cams to Poor Boyz, will set a new standard in the use of true 1080p high-definition "POV" video in ski films.

In exchange, Poor Boyz will list VholdR as an official film sponsor of "Revolver" and provide exclusive webisodes and other content, available on both the Poor Boyz and VholdR website. VholdR will also be demoing product at select locations on the Poor Boyz premier tour this fall.

"Revolver" is expected to be the most progressive ski film of the year, bringing a fresh perspective with an international crop of stars. Filmed on location in Japan, Montana, Colorado, Washington, Canada, and Alaska, among other spots, the project will incorporate extensive ContourHD™ POV shots into Poor Boyz' signature, mind-blowing, style.

"We're excited to partner with VholdR to take POV to the next level," says Johnny Decesare, Poor Boyz founder, " We've always been committed to documenting the progression of the sport. The ContourHD™ is light, durable, and are the best quality helmet cams we've seen. Having killer video equipment is as important as epic scenes and insane skiing."

"We couldn't be more stoked," says Jason Green, Executive Producer of and a life-long skier himself. "As a fan of Johnny and his crew, I'm proud they've selected the ContourHD™ to help get sickest shots in a variety of challenging terrain and conditions. These kinds of partnerships are the best endorsement I could hope for."

"Revolver" will feature current and future stars Dane Tudor, Tim Durtschi, Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson, TJ Schiller, Jossi Wells, JP Auclair, Charley Ager, Charles Gagnier, Mike Henitiuk, Andreas Hatviet, LJ Strenio, Leigh Powis, Matt Walker, Ian Cosco, Nick Martini, Pep Fujas, and many others

Visit to watch the revolver trailer! Or to see an exclusive POV segment.