Pep Fujas and Kye Petersen Join Patagonia as Part of The Company’s Growing Ambassador Line-Up and Expanded Commitment to Snow Sports

VENTURA, Calif. (January 5, 2013) — Patagonia Inc., a leading designer of core outdoor, surf and snowsport apparel, equipment, footwear and accessories, is pleased to announce that Pep Fujas and Kye Petersen have joined the company as Ambassadors. Both individuals embody the company's core values, come equipped with a life-long dedication to skiing and a desire to ride in the best outerwear possible. As a company, Patagonia has increased its focus in the snow sports category with a major update planned to its outerwear line in Fall 2013. Fujas and Petersen, like other Patagonia Ambassadors, will collaborate closely with the company's designers to provide first-hand input on every aspect of product performance and design.

"We're excited to welcome Pep and Kye to the Patagonia family," says Josh Nielsen, Patagonia's Global Category Marketer for snow sports, "Both athletes embody the values and direction of Patagonia Snow and we look forward to working with them closely as we continue to build and evolve our technical product range to meet their needs and the needs of the core end user."

Kye Petersen, hailed as one of the most talented multidiscipline ski athletes of his generation and winner of the 2012 Powder Magazine Full Throttle and Best Natural Air awards, notes about Patagonia, "I wanted to partner with Patagonia because of their quality, long-lasting products. Everything is well thought out and simple, nothing you don't need. I like how the product is trustworthy and also the fact that it's made from recycled materials."

"I think my skiing style fits with the brand as I'm often exploring new mountains by foot and finding myself deep in the backcountry of remote and pristine mountain ranges," continues Petersen. "I'm also spending long days in the mountains in all kinds of conditions and putting my gear through rigorous testing. I'm super stoked to start a collaboration and help each other continue to get better in what we are doing!"

Fujas, a ski film icon regarded for his innovative approach to skiing and distinct style says, "Part of the reason I joined Patagonia is that they practice exactly what they preach. The company philosophy isn't just a moniker or marketing scheme, it's a way of life that is lived by each and every employee, one which is mindful of their impact on the natural world from creation and design to production and distribution."

"Patagonia has the highest quality products and they take pride in every garment they make," continues Fujas, "I know with Patagonia that they have so much experience and have made quality gear for so long that I will be able to perform without having to think about being cold or wet or uncomfortable."

Fujas and Petersen join a team of Ambassadors that includes Josh Dirksen, Carston Oliver, Ryland Bell, Forrest Shearer, surfing's Malloy Brothers, Gerry Lopez and climbing's Tommy Caldwell, Sonnie Trotter, and other notable athletes at the height of their sports.