Orbital: The World’s 1st All Mountain Ski Pole


From Orbitalskiing.com -- We have all been there, the epic powder day. You remembered everything, powder skis, face mask and extra goggles. The ride to the top of the mountain is long, and you double check to make sure you have everything. At the top you pause as you look over the terrain below your skis, looking for the perfect line. You grab your poles, extra tight, and plant them in the snow. You push off towards heaven and your poles sink into the snow… and sink, and sink and sink.

Shouldn’t there be one pair of poles that can go anywhere and do everything? That is what the new poles from Orbital Skiing are all about. The patent-pending Precision Powderblade Technology allows the user to instantly adjust each basket from 4.5 square inches to almost triple that, or more than 12 square inches per basket for bottomless powder. The expanded basket allows for the same float effect that backcountry and off-piste skiers have been enjoying with their new wider skis without the hassle of changing to a larger, powder basket. Orbital is introducing two models, the two section Endeavor and 3 section Discovery. The adjustable shafts are 99% carbon and matched with a traditional alpine (Endeavor 2-section) and trekking (Discovery 3-section) grip with a self-locking strap.

Skiers who have seen and used the poles have been impressed. Dan Egan, named as one of Powder Magazine’s “Top Skiers of All Time” and with an established reputation as one of the premier adventure skiers in the world, was one of the early testers. Said Dan, “This is the piece of the all-mountain puzzle we’ve been missing. Backcountry skiing, all-mountain skiing -- call it what you want but today’s skiers are pushing the boundaries more than ever before and Orbital Skiing has solved the challenge of poles that can adapt to terrain.” Former World Extreme Skiing Cahmpion Brant Moles took the poles to South america this summer for some powder testing as well.

You can check out his video on the Orbital website. Endeavor and Discovery poles are available immediately at www.orbitalskiing.com