MFD Freetour Hydration Pack Series

We are proud to announce in the coming weeks we will be launching an official Kickstarter campaign for the 2013-14 season MFD Freetour backpacks and MFD Hydrapak® SF BC water bottles. These packs are all new and not yet available so this is your chance to be the FIRST to own the MFD backpacks and bottles. In doing so you will not only get the best backcountry packs and water bottles available, you will also help us to meet our minimum order quantities and bring this project to life.

We’ve also created many other cool MFD limited edition products and prizes for the launch so please stay tuned for more info and ways you can support MFD to help make this campaign a success!

Read on below and check and MFD’s Facebook page for more info as we get closer to the announcing the launch date.

First we shook up the industry with the MFD ALLTIME and now we are taking on the way you carry gear and hydrate yourself in the backcountry.

MFD Designed, Developed and Tested. Over the last winter we have put our new packs and bottles to the test and along with our athletes we have proved them out in the most rigorous backcountry conditions. Now we are ready to bring them to you.

The MFD Freetour Hydration Series Backpacks…
Freetouring is European slang for skiers who are skiing big lines on big skis in the backcountry. In this spirit we have created the Freetour backpack series to carry and organize your gear better than any other backpack system.

Now enter MFD Hydrapak® Backcountry Collapsible Water Bottles. We all know access to water in the backcountry can be difficult. Hydration reservoirs use hoses that are prone to freezing and are hard to keep clean. Hard plastic bottles remain stuck inside your backpack when you need them most and continue to take up valuable space in your pack long after you've drained that last drop of water.

The revolutionary MFD BC bottle system gives you access to water when you need it and collapses down to almost nothing when you're done.

We have created two sizes of BC bottles: 350ml (12oz) and 500ml (16oz). Each size can be purchased separately so you can easily dial in your hydration capacity when exercising.

We are also including one of our MFD Hydrapak® SF350ml (12oz) Backcountry Collapsible water bottles with each MFD Freetour backpack. The bottle conveniently stores inside the zippered pocket located in the shoulder strap giving you instant, on-demand access to water while hiking or ski touring.

Take BC bottles wherever you go…
Use MFD BC's in your jacket pocket for resort days, or seamlessly take it to other seasons – drop BC's into your bike jersey pocket, hike, climb, run, camp, drive… Mobile Hydration.

We truly believe this is a better system, but we do realize for those extra deep missions you sometimes need all the water you can handle. So we’ve gone above and beyond and added a hydration reservoir storage sleeve and shoulder strap routing for you to also use your favorite high-volume water reservoir system.

As always, MFD is committed to designing and introducing new and innovative products that progress the future of outdoor recreation. Contact us below for any queries.