LINE presents EPOV: A Decade of Ski Development

LINE presents EPOV: A Decade of Ski Development
Through Eric Pollard's Point-of-View

From -- Through words and imagery, follow the journey of skiing pioneer Eric Pollard & Line Skis creating the perfect tools to progress freestyle powder skiing. Eric walks you through 10+ years of never released prototypes & pro models, leading to his most recent masterpiece, "Mr. Pollard's Opus." Line's willingness to try anything is guided by Eric's intimate knowledge of powder skiing formed by influences such as surfing, snowboarding and an undying drive to ski the mountain differently. Eric's pro models and innovations are by-products of this Decade of Ski Development. Enjoy the ride.

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Eric Pollard is a professional skier from Oregon. He has been with Line Skis for over a decade producing award winning film segments as well as award winning ski designs.

Founded in 1995 in Albany, New York, Line has focused on the main goal of making skiing more funner. From creating progressive ski designs to producing the Line Traveling Circus Episode Series, Line has had 1 goal in mind since it's inception, to make the best tools for the funnest fun skiing now matter what you're skiing down. From AK lines to backyard jibs, we've got you covered.

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