Kenu Debuts iPhone Security Leash for Skiers

From Kenu — SAN FRANCISCO (Dec. 9) — Kenu, a newly formed San Francisco-based company has arrived. After experiencing tremendous success co-founding Joby Inc – think Gorillapod® – Ken Minn and some of the key members reunite to create Kenu. Kenu creates lifestyle products that blend urban style and practicality for outdoor enthusiasts.

"After losing two iPhones on the slopes last season, I realized I wasn't the only one and there had to be a solution. I didn't find one – so I developed Highline. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all invention. " – Founder Ken Minn"

Kenu launches: Highline.

Geared towards the ultimate adventurer, fit for the everyday user, Highline provides both safety and security for mobile devices in extreme circumstances. Naturally, Highline can be used in many other situations and also comes in handy for those absent-minded moments (or a case of the butter fingers). Highline's simple design and use of cutting edge materials ensure that every iPhone and iPod will be spared that potentially fatal fall and stay within arm’s reach.

Kenu's custom engineered iPhone and iPod leash is specifically designed for skiing and snowboarding, connecting outdoor enthusiasts to their mobile devices. Highline allows them to capture that epic shot, communicate with friends, look at trail maps and listen to tunes, without worry of dropping their gadgets.

From connector to loop, Highline features a super strong, densely braided Kevlar core. Powder hounds can rest assured that Highine will withstand extreme forces and can be trusted to keep devices close at hand. Highline's abrasion resistant loop easily attaches to zipper pulls, belt loops, d-rings and more, while the stainless steel locking mechanism swiftly and securely connects into iPhone and iPod dock connectors. Best of all, Highline goes unnoticed and easily slips into pockets, with its super-slim and lightweight design.