Facebook Contest will find Girl Powder's Next Big Star

San Diego, CA (May 20, 2010) Girl Powder has spun the classic talent-search bottle and it's landed on Facebook– launching a first of kind contest to add "a female who participates in winter sports" to the exclusive Team Girl Powder. The winner not only lands a coveted spot on the team, but will also receive free Girl Powder merchandise, a Profile on GirlPowder.com, a FLIP Video Camera, and an invitation to the 2010/2011 Team Girl Powder video shoot in Lake Tahoe where the winner will also get to stay at the Girl Powder ski cabin.

"We are excited to let the online public vote on our newest member to join Team Girl Powder", President and Founder of Girl Powder, Joel Lackovich, insists. "All the girls on Team Girl Powder are amped to meet our next big star, and we cannot wait to meet her either."
Contest details can be found at GirlPowder.com and at Facebook.com/girlpowder . The Facebook contest requires all entrants to upload a picture of themselves skiing or snowboarding by June 7, 2010, the official start date for the public campaign. The contest will run through July 19, 2010. After voting is concluded, the winner will be officially announced online on July 26, 2010. Look out American Idol, voting via phone and text message may become passe.

"No company has ever held a contest like this before," Lackovich stated when asked whether he thought it was risky to let the public decide on the next member to join Team Girl Powder. "I think that is what I like about it. It's like our company is going down a slope-style course of our own and we are excited to see what the finish line has in store for us.

Current members of Team Girl Powder include Maddie Baker (Vail, Colorado), Maddie Bowman (Sierra At Tahoe, California), Julianne Brackett (Sierra At Tahoe, California), Madison Hodges (Mammoth Mountain, California), and Angela Mercieri (Steamboat Springs, Colorado).

"Being sponsored by GP is 'sick' and the product is awesome," rocks Girl Powder Team member, Angela Mercieri. "Being part of the Girl Powder Team means being part of a group of female athletes who love to shred. Everyone is really supportive of each other, and we have a great time together, whether it's on the slopes or out for coffee!"

About Girl Powder

GIRL POWDER is more than a brand, it's truly a way of life. In 2002, GIRL POWDER began as an online ride-share message board for women to connect with one another to gain safer passage ways to the slopes of Lake Tahoe. Season after season, the message board metamorphasized into a safe, reliable and trustworthy resource for young women looking to enjoy the benefits of the mountains. Naturally, the catchy name, GIRL POWDER, branded itself throughout Northern California reflecting GIRL P- O-W-E-R and uniting and empowering many ski and snowboard girls. Today, in addition to remaining committed to its philanthropic roots, GIRL POWDER is launching an active female collection that advocates strength and empowerment of women, and supports a team of girls known as Team GIRL POWDER!