fischerPress Release – For Immediate Distribution

Fischer Sports GmbH, one of the world's leading ski-brands, and David Auer are pleased to announce that effective November 30, 2009, they have concluded their relationship for the distribution of Fischer products in the US.  Since 1999, David Auer's company, Fischer Sports USA, LLC has held the exclusive distribution rights for Fischer products in the US.  During this tenure, the Fischer brand has grown significantly and has further established its position as one of the premier ski brands in the US.

As of December 1, 2009 Fischer Skis US, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fischer Sports GmbH/Austria will take over
all sales, marketing and distribution activities in the US.  There will be no significant change in the daily business oper-
ating practices; therefore, the changes in the organizational structure should have no impact on Fischer's customers.
Franz Fottinger, CEO of Fischer Sports GmbH, stated "We've found a good arrangement with Mr. Auer which allows
Fischer to continue with a management team that is well-known in the industry, as well as operating in the same
location in Auburn, NH.  This will guarantee a smooth transition of the business and gives us a firm foundation to meet
our challenging goals in the US.  Our primary focus is to grow the brand on the Alpine side in the US to equal the top
position we have in Europe, especially in the Alpine boot segment, where we see great opportunities with our unique
SomaTec innovation – a natural stance of the legs in the boots which allows a more relaxed skiing position and better
power transfer.  On the Nordic side, Fischer is already the market leader in ski sales in the US. We will continue to
devote significant resources to further develop this position and to significantly grow our boot, binding, pole and
accessory business".

David Auer stated, "I have always believed in Fischer as one of the premier ski brands in the world. With a strong
organization in place in Auburn, NH I am confident they will continue to represent Fischer well. I have been proud over
the last eleven years to have headed up Fischer in the US."

The management structure of Fischer Skis US, LLC will now be represented by three individuals.  Peter Ashley will
continue with the title of Vice President – Nordic Division. Erik Anderson will assume the title of Vice President – Alpine
Division.  Both Peter and Erik will have complete responsibility for their respective divisions in the US and work with
their counterparts in Austria related to all US distribution matters.  David Kuhman, Vice President – Finance & Opera-
tions, will continue in the role of managing the day-to-day operations of Fischer Skis US.  All three vice presidents
will also continue in the long-term financial planning, budgeting and reporting functions with members of the Austrian
management team.

For further information please feel free to contact any of the above-named individuals at (603) 314-7110 or at our
website at