Final Approach: Greg Hill Closes In On Two Million Feet

Ski mountaineer Greg Hill, who is featured in Powder Magazine’s current Photo Annual issue, is closing in on an epic milestone: Two million vertical-feet climbed and skied in 2010. One of Hill’s sponsors,, posted up this update yesterday:

It's down to the wire. Greg Hill has just nine days left to complete his goal of climbing 2 million vertical feet while ski touring this calendar year. That means he has to log just about 10k every day for the rest of the year. No problem for a fit and driven maniac like Greg, right? But after a really long year of really long days, he's feeling a bit worn around the edges. And there's always the weather to deal with…

Greg's good friend Francois Desrosiers made this short film for Greg's 35th birthday last weekend. It's nine minutes long, and it's worth the watch. It's an insider's look on Greg's mission, including interviews of his best friends, his wife and kids, and his mom and dad.

There's still time to enter a guess on the date and time Greg will hit 2mil in the contest on Enter for a chance to win a dream setup from all of Greg's sponsors.

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