FiftyFifty Brewing Co. Helps Community Balance Work and Play

FiftyFifty Brewing Co. Helps Community Balance Work and Play

Truckee, Calif., (Winter 2006-2007) – The town of Truckee, known for its work hard-play harder attitude, will have an unrivaled outlet to unwind this winter at the FiftyFifty Brewing Co. The newly established brewpub will open early this winter, helping the region’s residents and many visitors on their quest to balance work and play in a sophisticated yet relaxed manner.

Owners Andy and Alicia Barr find it very important to have a balance in anything they do, from food and drink to business and pleasure. The 125-seat brewpub will feature the best in creative, flavorful brewing and dining and will be reasonably priced, giving Truckee/Tahoe visitors and locals an upscale environment with the highest quality food and beer that won’t break the bank. Featuring a full bar, seasonal patio seating and live entertainment by new and unique musicians, FiftyFifty Brewing Co. will be the place to gather with friends and enjoy a beer.

"We feel a brewpub is a perfect addition to the Truckee community and we’re really looking forward to giving the region local handcrafted microbrews," said Alicia Barr, "We want FiftyFifty to be a fun, hip place to hang out with friends, hear different music and try great tasting beers."

The new brewery will feature handcrafted brews created by Todd Ashman, the mastermind behind many award-winning beers. Ashman recently left his post at Brewers

Supply Group where he was sales and technical director. Before working for Brewers Supply Group, Ashman was head brewmaster at Titletown Brewing Company in Green Bay, Wis. and also Flossmoor Station Brewing in Flossmoor, Ill. During his tenure as brewmaster he won 11 Great American Beer Festival Medals, three World Beer Cup Medals and eight Real Ale Festival awards. His experience and expertise behind the kettle are sure to please the Tahoe area and beyond.

In addition to the highest quality brewing, the new FiftyFifty Brewing Co. will specialize in using seasonal, fresh ingredients and pairing their handcrafted beers with flavorful food. A few highlighted menu items include crab empanadas paired with Base Camp Golden Ale, ale fondue, and spicy caramelized tuna with red chili potatoes paired with Manifesto Pale Ale, as well as outstanding appetizers, homemade burgers and gourmet pizza.

"Probably the greatest thing about pairing beer and food is that there are so many flavors to work with, even more than wine," commented Barr. "An added advantage that beer has is the carbonation in beer acts as a palate cleanser, allowing the diner to enjoy their last bite as much as the first."

In addition to the delicious entrées, FiftyFifty Brewing Co. will feature a dessert menu with a signature Truckee Mud Pie with a Porter Fudge Sauce among other tasty creations using beer in a variety of stages and styles. The Barrs take great pride in their ability to craft beer and food together, balancing ingredients to create a pleasurable, classy dining experience.

FiftyFifty Brewing Co.: a good life requires balance. Located in Truckee at 11197 Brockway Road, between Hwy 267 and downtown Truckee. Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. through 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, FiftyFifty serves both lunch and dinner to complement their variety of beers brewed on the premise. To contact FiftyFifty, please call Andy or Alicia Barr at 530.386.6664 or email

FiftyFifty Brewing Co. Serves Up Eclectic Roster of Beers for Opening

Truckee, Calif., (Winter 2006-2007) – If owners Andy and Alicia Barr have their way, a trip to FiftyFifty Brewing Co. means learning something new about beer. The Barrs have teamed up with award winning brewer extraordinaire Todd Ashman to provide a selective variety of beers that are carefully crafted to produce balance and flavor and perhaps introduce guests to something they may have never tried before. From lighter pale ales to porters and tripels, the menu features something for everyone along with regular seasonal and experimental brews. The following are brief descriptions and flavor profiles for FiftyFifty’s opening roster of beers.

Manifesto Pale Ale -Manifesto is FiftyFifty’s flagship beer. This beer is a delight for those who take pleasure in craft beers and are looking for something that they can enjoy a few pints of. Made with a combination of domestic 2-row base malt, English Golden Promise, Belgian Munich malt and English Caramel malt, this beer is light amber color. It is moderately hopped with English Fuggle hops for bitterness and Centennial hops for flavor and aroma. Manifesto has a restrained malt backbone of flavor with mild biscuit and caramel notes, and the hop character is light to moderate with mild earthiness evolving to a slightly more moderate citrus/piney finish. This is truly a beer to believe in.
Best paired with spicy dishes, burgers, and fried food.

Donner Party Porter – Sustenance to get you through those long, cold winters, the Donner Party Porter is made with a complex combination of malts and ingredients including: domestic 2-row base malt, Red Wheat Malt, Biscuit Malt, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Toasted Oats and Molasses. This beer uses Cascade hops for bitterness as well as for flavor and aroma, and is deep brown with mahogany highlights. The flavor profile is reminiscent of dark chocolate, espresso, and dark dried fruits with a long complex finish. Hops and malt are very well balanced leaving one to contemplate the myriad of flavors as the beer warms. Moderate to slightly heavy, this beer is heaven in a glass.
Best paired with steak, barbecue and chocolate.


Base Camp Golden Ale – The lightest of FiftyFifty’s ales, Base Camp is a thirst quenching delight. Made with domestic 2-row base malt and a small amount of Red Wheat malt, it is lightly hopped with German Magnum hops for bitterness and Mt. Hood hops for flavor and aroma. Pale straw to light gold in color, this beer has a mild malt flavor combined with light bitterness and hop flavor. This beer finishes dry and is very light on the palate.
Best paired with seafood, spicy dishes, and pretty much anything.

Rockslide IPA – This beer is for hop heads – those who live for the hop. Rockslide IPA is brewed in the ‘West Coast’ style with aggressive amount of American hops such as Amarillo, Centennial and Summit hops. IPA’s were originally brewed with high alcohol and bitterness to maintain quality for the long voyage of British troops stationed in India. Rockslide IPA is a delicious modern day interpretation of that style, and is a very fresh and satisfying beer to those looking for their hop fix. You are greeted with a full frontal assault of citrus/grapefruit/pine hop character, following up with malt to ‘somewhat’ balance the mouthfeel. This beer is all about hops, and it definitely has its fans.
Best paired with spicy dishes, pizza and burgers, as well as heavy cream sauces or cheeses.

Foggy Goggle Belgian White – FiftyFifty’s "Wit" beer, which is a Belgian style wheat beer. Belgian Wit beers are different than their German Weizen cousins. Belgian Wit beers use spices, un-malted wheat and oats as well as a specialized yeast strain that splits them into their own genre. FiftyFifty’s Foggy Goggle will use a complex blend of ingredients including: domestic 2-row, Belgian Pilsner malt, malted and un-malted Red Wheat, flaked oats, sweet and bitter orange peel, lemon peel, chamomile, and coriander. An unfiltered beer, Foggy Goggle is brewed true to style, using a yeast strain that originated in Belgium. The appearance is an opaque yellow with a wonderfully fluffy head. The predominant aroma is citrus with a hint of coriander, and there is a noticeable yeasty character as well a tart wheat flavor. The yeast character lends a unique spicy note. With citrus playing a big part of the flavor, a hint of chamomile is also apparent.
Best paired with fish, poultry and salads.

Trifecta Belgian Style Tripel – Trifecta is one of FiftyFifty’s seasonal ales, and is a high alcohol Belgian style beer. Brewed with inspiration from Belgian Abbey Ales and Trappist Ales*, Trifecta also includes locally grown Purple Sage Honey. With the same yeast strain as the Wit beer the Tripel will have a complex spiciness tempered by the sweeter notes from the sage honey. Sage and clove like aromas predominate, and flavors of spicy sage, alcohol, and mild malt sweetness are apparent. Coming in at over 8%, this beer is deceptively strong.
Best paired with pasta, sausages, and herbal dishes such as pesto.

*Note: These ales are traditionally brewed by monks with a strong philosophy of patience and tradition. They use a lot of spices in their brewing process, and their beers are strong, fruity, spicy, earthy and aromatic.

Roundabout Oatmeal Stout – Another "big" beer, coming in at over 8% alcohol, this is FiftyFifty’s seasonal Oatmeal Stout. Brown to Black and nearly opaque, Roundabout Stout has a velvet like mouthfeel and moderate hints of dark dried fruit, espresso beans and Dark Chocolate… and just a hint of hop bitterness. The addition of Flaked Oats gives this brew its wonderful creamy texture. This beer incorporates the use of domestic and imported base malt and all imported specialty malts. These specialty products include Caramel malt from both England and Belgium, & Roasted Barley, Chocolate and Black malts from the United Kingdom. This combination of malts creates a beer of intense complexity which allows the drinker to enjoy the Brewmaster’s Craft. Roundabout Oatmeal Stout is one of a series of Stouts that FiftyFifty Brewing Co. will produce during the course of the year. Enjoy!
Best paired with tender steaks, cured meats, and desserts.

FiftyFifty Brewing Co.: a good life requires balance. Located in Truckee at 11197 Brockway Road, between Hwy 267 and downtown Truckee. Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. through 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, FiftyFifty serves both lunch and dinner to complement their variety of beers brewed on the premise. To contact FiftyFifty, please call Andy or Alicia Barr at 530.386.6664 or email