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Discrete Headwear  announces Walter Wood to team

Salt Lake City-based headwear manufacturer announces Walter Wood to its athlete roster for the 2009/2010 season.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – December 1, 2009 – Discrete Sport, LLC, a rider owned and operated headwear brand in the snowsport industry, is proud to announce the addition of up-and-coming, Colorado-based, Walter Wood to their athlete roster. Walter is geared up for a successful and impactful winter with a full competition schedule.  He is equipped with a bolstering bag of tricks, is ready to showcase Discrete and make a solid addition to the team.
Walter made a name for himself with a top 10 finish in slopestyle at the US Open in 2007, but has since proved that the halfpipe is his domain. In 2008/2009 Walter finished 3rd behind Tanner Hall and Justin Dorey at the New Zealand Open, took 2nd place in a halfpipe World Cup, and finished 14th in the X-games.  He also landed a 1620 in the halfpipe- a trick some of the top athletes have yet to perform.

Discrete is excited for this sponsorship because Walter is showing more promise internationally in the halfpipe than anyone his age.  His runs display technical spins in both directions, impressive amplitude, and constant improvement; a formula for success.
"I created and built awareness for Discrete by sponsoring amazing athletes," said Julian Carr, Discrete Owner and professional skier.  "Walter fits our program so well, it's refreshing to know there is a kid out there with so much talent and an eagerness to work hard – that's our formula."
Walter will be based in Colorado for the winter.  Competition schedule for 2009/2010 will be the three stops of the DEW TOUR, the Winter X-Games in Aspen and European X-Games.
Discrete Sport, LLC is the only true rider conceived, rider owned, rider operated headwear company in the ski industry.  Established in 2006, Discrete is a collaboration of athletes, designers, musicians, artists, and photographers.  The company's international office is located in Salt Lake City, Utah with distribution in the United States, Norway, Canada, Sweden, and South Korea.

“We invite you to experience Discrete style.”