Dendrite's Latest Film Now Available: Pay What You Want

Dendrite Studios “Out of the Shadows” Now Available for ‘Pay What You Want’ Rate

WHISTLER, BC – “Out of the Shadows,” The International FreeSki Film Festival’s Best Big Mountain Movie of 2010, is now available for a spectacular ‘pay what you want’ rate at Dendrite Studios’ brand new web store. The award winning and most affordable professional ski film on planet earth is here for the masses as an HD or Ipod/SD online download. Limited edition DVD’s, as well as t-shirts and toques are also available.

“This is nothing but a dream come true. We are extremely grateful to have the film shown around the world and bring smiles to countless people,” said Co-Director Athan Merrick. Co-Director Nicolas Teichrob adds, “To see our first project come to fruition on pure passion is an amazing experience. It has been a lot of hard work and we are very excited to be moving forward”.

“Out of the Shadows” is an HD Ski Film filmed in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. It features the finest athletes who have been in the shadows for too long. This is their shot and their opportunity to break out on film. They bring their lives with them and shred the mountains with uninhibited passion on a daily basis. Dendrite Studios brings you their stories. Featuring the return of PY Leblanc, the forgotten legend Chris Turpin, World Champion Brett Crabtree, Swedish sensation Jon Larsson, and a giant swarm of new comers.

Dendrite Studios is currently seeking sponsorship partnerships for future projects to bring new content and a fresh outlook to the ski industry. Have a fun and safe holiday season!