Coreupt Skis Files for Bankruptcy

After losing an investor the ski company is in Chapter 11 in France.

Words: Heather Hansman

CoreUPT Skis filed for bankruptcy this week after losing an investor. "They're officially in bankruptcy protection in France," says Jay Taylor, owner of the Soze group, which distributes CoreUPT in North America. "They have until the middle of July to find a new investor."

Taylor says they had lined up an investor for an upcoming clothing line, but at the 11th hour, after they'd spent the money, the investor pulled out, putting them in the red.

You'll still be able to buy CoreUPT skis next winter, and Taylor says that athletes, like Kevin Rolland, will continue to be paid through their contracts.

Macmanus Group, the current investor, gave the distributors the resources to fund the company for one more year.

"Right now we plan on going ahead with producing the ’12-13 skis," Taylor says. "The distributors of each country are going to pay for this year's line, and then try to find another funder."

The brand will have more news about the future of CoreUPT by mid July.