Bryce Phillips Reviews the New K2 Pon2oon

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From — Not only is Bryce Phillips the founder of evo, he is also a K2 sponsored athlete (if you are not convinced, make sure you watch the video). Bryce skis a lot of powder and his favorite ski for years has been the K2 Pontoon, so needless to say when he found out they were redesigning the ski for 2012 he needed to try out a pair. And by "try out" we mean rip apart Crystal Mountain in the span of a few days.

Check out the video and watch Bryce give a review of the new skis and highlight how they are different from the original Pontoons. Or if you don't like watching videos or your computer is really slow you can just read about it here too.

The K2 Pontoon has been known for having lots of taper and lots of rocker to help aid with float in deep snow and this does not go away for 2012, instead they are refining the shape to make the K2 Pon2oon an all-mountain destroying powder ski. The refined shape still gives you the ability to throw the skis sideways but now has a more stable, solid, flatter tail than before.

The new tail shape really changes the way the ski performs. You can ski them really fast and the more stable tail is great for landing bigger drops but you still don't lose the quickness in the trees. Because the ski has traditional sidecut it works well on groomers. The Pon2oon isn't your every day groomer ski but it still works well enough for you to be able to comfortably rip the entire resort from top to bottom.

If you dig skiing powder and think the 2012 K2 Pon2oon has your name written all over them be sure to check our K2 Skis page this August to snag a pair of these skis because we are sure they will go fast.