Brooks-Range Introduces Minimalist Winter Tent

Brooks-Range, an innovative manufacturer of mountaineering and backcountry equipment today announced the introduction of the Brooks-Range Rocket Tent.  Designed by Dick Jackson, one of the most accomplished mountain guides in the U.S., the Rocket Tent brings a minimalist mind-set to winter tents weighing in at only one pound, six ounces.  b-r-rocket-tent

The two-person Rocket Tent is able to achieve such a low carry weight because it does not have its own poles.  Why carry tent poles when ski poles and an avalanche probe are already in the gear bag? The Rocket Tent uses ski poles and an avalanche probe instead of tent poles.  Additionally, the Rocket Tent is made of incredibly strong and lightweight CT3 fabric (5000+mm waterproof, FR).  Its aerodynamic shape and its guyout system to make this tent rock solid in the worst conditions, and the metallic finish minimizes heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

"This tent is truly ground-breaking and will appeal to any mountaineer, alpinist or hard-core backcountry enthusiast," said Matt Brooks, president of Brooks-Range. "The Rocket Tent is truly a piece of gear that will 'wow' anyone who uses it, and we expect it to be a huge success this winter."

The Rocket Tent measures 48" (122cm) wide, 64" (163cm) long, 38" (97 cm) tall, and includes a vestibule that provides an additional seven square feet of covered space.  Since the waterproof, CT3 fabric is not breathable, the tent features three zippered vents.  When packed, the Rocket Tent measures only 6" x 10" x 2" (5 x 25 x 5cm).  MSRP $600.00 <>