Black Diamond Launches New Website

Black Diamond Equipment Launches All New Websitechouinard_72_front

July 14, 2009 (Salt Lake City, Utah) – Black Diamond Equipment Ltd., a global leader in the climbing and freeride ski markets, announced the completion and launch of its new website today.

"Our goal with the complete rebuilding of the site is to offer online interaction comparable to the experience a climber or skier has with our gear," comments Peter Metcalf, CEO. "Black Diamond at its core represents progressive and innovative design in all forms. We've crafted the new BD website with the same audacity as its progenitor the 1972 Chouinard Equipment catalog—an iconic piece that shaped many climbers' perceptions and impacted how the sport progressed in terms of clean climbing. We fully expect our new site to once again raise the bar for the climbing, skiing and mountain sports community which we serve."

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary this summer, Black Diamond continues to invest in its infrastructure honoring its founding tenet to create a company on par in product, idealism, style and action with the life defining passions of climbing, skiing and alpinism.

"The new BD site brings together innovative technology, eclectic personality and the high style of Black Diamond like never before, " explains Adam Chamberlain, Director of Marketing. "Historically, the BD catalog has been our keystone and we've relied on it to showcase our products and convey our story. The site redesign acknowledges that the web is now a far more dynamic, timely, powerful and flexible tool to do this moving forward." will incorporate the latest climbing, skiing and mountain news, insider views of BD design, testing and production, informative how-to videos, killer photography and glimpses of life in the "diamond mine". Additionally, all BD products will be showcased in a truly integrated, thoroughly-2009 shopping experience utilizing dealer referral, as well as the 20-year-old Black Diamond Mail Order business to fulfill customer orders. "The new BD site is the epicenter for all aspects the Black Diamond brand," summarizes Chamberlain. "The plan is to roll out France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England instances this fall with Japanese and other countries coming online in Spring 2010."

"As climbers, skiers and tool makers, we're tremendously proud of this achievement, the effort of all those involved in building this tool and the journey we are embarking on together with this launch. Visit www.BlackDiamondEquipment,com to see why and join us," says Chamberlain.

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, Black Diamond Equipment Ltd. is an employee-owned manufacturer of equipment for rock climbing, alpinism and freeride skiing. By consistently building innovative, standard-setting products and actively preserving the mountain environment, Black Diamond has assumed a leadership role in the international outdoor community. For more information on Black Diamond visit