Bern Unlimited Releases a Female Visor Helmet: The Lenox

Bern Unlimited Releases The Lenox, Female Visor Model

Press Release — Duxbury, MA, January, 2010 – Bern Unlimited, announced today that it has released the highly anticipated Visor helmet for women, the Lenox.

In an effort to give the market place what it wants, Bern focused on making its signature, patented, visor shape perfect for ladies.

The Lenox, from Bern.

The Lenox, from Bern.

"We wanted to address shell size and also stay true to the evolution of our line," said CEO and Founder Dennis Leedom. "The result is the Lenox with a women specific design from the ground up, smaller shell, tapered entry points, stylish ladies knits and key colorways."

The response has been phenomenal with athletes and early testers. The EPS version, which complies with CPSC and EN1077B, is also made exclusively with Bern's new thinshell technology. Thinshell is exactly that, super thin, tapered shell which actually makes Bern's EPS helmets lighter than some microshell and inmold helmets, but gives you burly hard shell durability.

Bern pro skier, Shanny Cohen says it best, "The Lenox is exactly what women have been waiting for. Smaller shell size designed specifically to fit the ladies. Not to mention the fact you’ll be 20% lighter with the Bern thinshell technology!"

There are still a lot of brands not making Ladies specific helmets, and Bern is a leader in this category with an equal number of female to male models, a ratio that no other brand has been able to accomplish. Bern has been fortunate to work with a core female athletes and consumers for years. They demanded the same products as the guys, and now Bern's line and commitment to female shredders is complete, 6 models for men and boys, 6 models for women and girls, equality people!

Bern offers the Lenox helmet in all-season™ configuration, with an MSRP of $109.95. Come see the Lenox for yourself at SIA, booth #2119.