Bern Unlimited Launches Full Carbon Fiber Program

Duxbury, MA, January, 2010 – Bern Unlimited, the only core, grass roots head Protection Company in action
sports, announced today that it has launched it's 10/11 winter Carbon Fiber program.

In an effort to make the lightest, most durable head protection, Bern has focused on making high end carbon fiber
shells for its entire hard shell line. Models include the Baker, Watts, and Macon.

"We started with making carbon just for our skate and snow pros," said Marketing/Team Manger Josh Walker. "As
sort of a perk for riding for us, but Bern is all about the underground, average-Joe shredder, so why not give that guy
the chance to rock the same gear as the pros?"

The response has been phenomenal with every piece Bern initially brought in being sold almost immediately. In the
EPS version, which complies with CPSC and EN1077B, you have got a burly hard-shell helmet that is lighter than all the
new super light microshell and inmold helmets.

"This race to make the lightest inmold helmet does not make a lot of sense," says Managing Director Dennis Leedom.
"What good is a super light helmet, if it breaks super easy? Bern athletes, pro and non-pro want the burliest hard
shell protection and durability at the same weight, carbon answers that call".

A perfect example is a rider like Jeremy Jones, who will have a pro model released at SIA in the carbon fiber Watt's.
He can't afford to have his gear break while in the field, or on a long backcountry trek. For him the weight and
durability are huge factors.

"The carbon program for Bern is just another step forward in my never ending quest to reduce weight without
sacrificing performance or durability." Jeremy said. "Every ounce counts when you are hiking thousands of vertical
feet to get to your line, and you need to be able to count on your gear."

Bern offers the carbon helmet in all-season™ configuration, with an MSRP of $229.95. Come see the Carbon line for
yourself at SIA, booth #2119.

Bern Unlimited makes all-season head protection for action sports. Check them out at