Boulder, Colorado - Fifteen plus years have passed since there has been a real innovation in ski boot design - until now. The Apex Sports Group in Boulder, Colorado, introduces their first boot, aptly named the Apex. It is the only boot on the market that separates fit, closure, and flex, partnering a 100% carbon fiber outer shell with a heat-moldable, walking inner boot. The Apex is also the most expensive boot on the market with a suggested retail of $1295, but it will be evident from first glance that it is steeped in value. It looks, feels, fits, and skis like nothing else on the market today. The announcement was made by Denny Hanson, president of the company.

The process has been several years in the making. "We developed the Apex boot by rethinking boot design from the inside where the fit and comfort comes from, to the outside carbon chassis that controls the closure and flex," commented Denny. Targeted for the intermediate to expert all-mountain skier, the boot is designed to provide optimum edge control and keep weight balanced in order to easily control modern shaped skis.

There is good reason that it is the most expensive boot on the market...it is packed with features put together unlike any other boot. The heat-moldable custom walking inner boot has a BOA coiler closure system; a composite shank for support, stability and enhanced energy transfer; and a rubber high-friction outsole for secure walking. The shell is 100% carbon fiber and has a rigid foam-insulated floor that adds warmth. A carbon fiber cuff is fully adjustable for custom shaft alignment. The Leaf Spring Flex Unit connects the cuff to the lower chassis, allowing flex adjustment and range of motion. Snowboard binding-type closure straps and ratchet buckles secure the walking inner boot to the carbon frame and allows for easy entry.

One of the beauties of the Apex Boot is its comfort and convenience, two over-used words in product descriptions...but to ignore them here would be a disservice. The walking inner boot can be put on in the warmth and comfort of a living room or hotel lobby. The carbon shell can be slipped into after the drive to the hill or after the walk to the lift from the hotel. Either way, it eliminates putting cold boots on in a car or lodge.
At the end of the day, the boots will be comfortable for après-ski and flexible enough for the drive or walk back home.

The boot will be available in select specialty ski shops. Sizes run from 25 through 30. The average boot weighs 8lbs, 14 ounces.

Apex Sports Group is a sports product design, development, and production company with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. It is an independently owned company dedicated to providing premium quality and innovative products to the sports industry, both domestically and internationally.