Two-Day Workshops Offered Weekly

Design and build your own custom skis, in a two-day workshop at the foot of the Eastern Sierras. At your side will be two of the industries leading ski designers/builders, Michael Lish and Kristin Broumas, who have a combined experience of 29 years.

After you create a blueprint for your skis and design the graphics, you'll learn how to mill the core stock, and construct each part.  Eye protection, ear wear, and dust mask on, you pull the trigger on the router.

“At first, the thought of building your own skis might seem a daunting task. So we made each step small, added a whole lot of fun and made learning, hands-on, the best way to get your next set of skis
-Michael Lish

When the parts are complete, Kristin, also a trained chef, makes lunch. Afterwards, it’s time to build. You wet lay each part with epoxy resin, inlay your graphics, and load the skis in a vacuum press.

“I don’t know, It seems different riding on a pair of boards crafted from your own hand…Soulful! Tribal! Maybe it’s more of a connected feeling to the snow and environment around you. It seems that the turns come from somewhere deep within…It feels so good!”
-Chris Lambertson, heli guide from Alaska

Once they complete the initial cure cycle, you see their shape for the first time. In the morning, Michael finish grinds your skis and hands them over.  You sight the rocker/camber profile, feel the flex, and take a step back to check out the graphics.  With your skis finished, the thought of first turns rouses the imagination.

Michael and Kristin have been offering the workshop for two seasons with participants' coming from as far away as Alaska and Australia. Participants from Mammoth have included Dr. Andy Bourne of Mammoth Hospital, Joe Walker, Hans Ludwig from Powder Magazine, and David Page who's article appeared in Eastside Magazine.

"I'd built a ski, I thought to myself, driving home into the wind. With a well-designed shop and some expert guidance, I'd helped construct one half of a means of transport and recreation- and joy."
– David Page from Mammoth Lakes, CA

The cost of the workshop is $900, and covers everything including your skis, graphics, and all your meals.  Small groups and families are welcome with special rates.  The mobile factory is currently located near Mammoth, off-grid.  You can learn more and check out people who have participated at <> , or contact Kristin at (760) 709-6413.