New Anti-Fog Treatment from Contact Lens Makers–It Actually Works


Bausch & Lomb Unveils FogShield Sport, an Anti-Fog Treatment for

Sports Goggles That Works


ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Skiers, snowboarders and other outdoor sports enthusiasts in North America have a new solution to one of the biggest problems they encounter – fogging of goggles and face shields. Bausch & Lomb’s new FogShield Sport pre-moistened towelettes simultaneously prevent fog from forming on goggles for eight hours or more and help keep lenses clean with just one application.


“There’s a solution for staying warm, a solution for staying dry, but there haven’t been many solutions for keeping goggles fog-free,” said John Stewart, general manager, Vision Accessories, Bausch & Lomb. “FogShield Sport provides an easy-to-use, affordable anti-fog system to help prevent fogging that starts working immediately to provide clear vision.”

Packaged in small foil pouches that are about the size of hand-wipes, FogShield Sport fits effortlessly in a pocket or bag. FogShield Sport costs about $2 per application.

Athletes at all ability levels know that the wrong combination of temperature, activity and humidity causes protective goggles to fog up, making it virtually impossible to see when conditions align to create fog. To provide the highest level of fog prevention, FogShield Sport uses a specially developed chemical composition created by a precise mix of ingredients.

FogShield Sport works through a unique formula that redistributes moisture, which continuously creates an invisible layer of protection from fog,” said Dr. Jay Künzler, director, department of Polymer Chemistry, Bausch & Lomb.


FogShield Sport‘s proprietary technology was originally formulated to work in the harshest industrial settings. It has been tried, tested and proven on professionals ranging from firefighters to hazmat technicians. The product’s effectiveness in eliminating fog in goggles was previously recognized by the International Association of Hazardous Materials Technicians as the Hazardous Materials Response Product of the Year.

“Since the product has proven extremely effective in anti-fog protection for firefighters and hazmat professionals in industrial environments, we believe it will be effective for skiers, snowboarders, paintballers and scuba divers,” added Stewart.

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