PHOTO: David Reddick

Even average skiers can have fun on almost any ski, but helping your boyfriend find the right pair for his ability level will make skiing together, at least for the morning before you ditch him to meet up with your friends, more enjoyable for both of you.

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Since it’s safe to assume your boyfriend is a beginner skier, he’s going to need your help making what is a very personal decision. While it might save you time and the headache to make the decision for him, it’s a nice gesture to include him in the process and make him feel supported in his purchase. Whether you help him use the internet to make the buy, or you drive him to the shop to browse for new skis, here are three tips to keep in mind when choosing the right ski for your boyfriend.

1. Looks are important. While you likely purchased your latest pair of sticks based on sidecut, rocker, and flex, taking into account the terrain and snow conditions you typically encounter, these technical terms might overwhelm your beau. Instead, encourage him to stick with something like an easy-to-turn all-mountain ski that comes in a color he likes, such as death metal gray; first kill red; or baby boy blue. If you can find something he likes that also matches his jacket, even better.

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2. Keep it gender-specific. Skis should always be purchased based on gender, never terrain or ability. Women-specific skis are typically softer flexing than comparable men’s skis, because after cleaning the house, doing all of the laundry, smashing the patriarchy, and making all those sandwiches, women are fatigued and need something easy to maneuver. Men, however, are stronger and more capable skiers by birthright. Getting them on skis that reflect this in their construction is key.

3. Size matters. All women always weigh less than and are shorter than men—and so are the skis designed for women. Keep this in mind when picking out a ski for your boyfriend. Make sure to direct him to the stiffest ski available that doesn’t come in anything shorter than 195. His height, weight, and skier type do not matter one iota as much as his anatomy does.

If you can keep these three tips in mind, you’re on your way to making the right choice for your BF who is sure to appreciate not having to make this decision for himself. Plus, when he freaks out this winter because you ski too fast, take him on a knife-edge bootpack, or down something steeper than he should be on, just point down to the skis you picked out and remind him you’re not a dick.