Powder + Fischer’s Horrendous Family Photo Contest

Families. You can’t live with them. You can’t live without them. Sometimes you can’t live with them because they want you to get a real job and stop living the dream as a traveling ski vagrant but hey, I digress. Lucky for you, the fine folks at Fischer skis like families, including yours which is why they’ve partnered with Powder to create the Horrendous Family Photo Contest. All you have to do is upload your best (read: horrendous) family portrait. Fischer and Powder will pick two of their favorites, one on March 18th and another on April 1st. Winners will receive a brand-spanking new pair of Fischer Watea 98 skis. Dig into the attic and find those sexy Sears photos from 1997 and enter the Horrendous Family Photo Contest today! -Mike Rogge

If you are having problems uploading your image, email your information and photo to asgdigital@sorc.com with “Fischer Contest” in the subject line. Thanks!

Submitted by David Bessalle Reyes

Submitted by David Mangum

Submitted by Victoria Borissova

Submitted by Martina Karagyozova

Hawthorne Family | Submitted by Jonathan Hawthorne

Submitted by Haley Clin

Submitted by Alexander Atanasov

Submitted by Skip Chilcott

Submitted by Lilla Ketszeri

Submitted by Liam McKeown

Submitted by John Bradbury

Submitted by Christina Petrilli

Submitted by Norris Johnson

Submitted by Brady Swenning

Submitted by Dylan Glatts

Wite Chrismas | Submitted by Bryan Margaria

Submitted by Jennifer Shea

Submitted by Samantha Shaw

Submitted Photos